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About TIPP Investigations CEO, Kelvin Goodwin

Having served the U.S Army for more than 10 years of his life Kelvin Goodwin is a former Military Police Officer, Federal Agent turned CEO of one of the most reputable criminal investigation firms in the nation. The magnitude of the impact from this time period is perfectly encapsulated in the discipline, self-motivation and positive attitude Kelvin demonstrates in his personal and professional life.

Joining the United States Army at the ripe young age of 16, Kelvin started maturing at a very young age. Starting as a junior enlisted soldier, these years have been monumental in instilling in him an appreciation for the law enforcement sector. From leading military police patrols to maintaining rapport of the public, he was identified as a reliable source for conducting training and guiding personnel.

Before being honorably discharged in 2014, Kelvin carried out the responsibilities of a Protective Service Federal Agent while assigned to EUCOM, AFRICOM, and NATO. Graduating from Counter Intelligence Force School, and Protective Service International Training academy in Richmond VA, he applied his skills and knowledge that awarded him with high honors and awards. Kelvin graduated with distinction from Anti-Terrorism Evasive Driving, and advanced high threat defensive driving schools in correlation with his federal duties. In addition to escorting and providing high threat security support for high-ranking military officials, DOD personnel and dignitaries both domestically and abroad, Kelvin also trained and guided newly assigned agents of the Protective Service team.

Despite the stressful nature of his work, Kelvin was able to thrive in the daily challenges and continues to demonstrate his tenacious dedication and vigor. It has rendered in him qualities of commitment, dedication and persistence, which earned him several accolades of unblemished performance.

After the United States Army, Kelvin recognized his passion for helping people seek social criminal justice. Kelvin began working as a private investigator in the states of NH, MA, CT, NY, and NJ assisting in the investigations of insurance fraud, motor vehicle accidents, white-collar crime and other matters of investigations.

In 2016, Kelvin joined the Naugatuck Community College as a guest lecturer/adjunct professor. His role consisted mainly of developing and implementing projects as assignments passed to him that aligned with the VTE framework and new curricula that enabled students to master criminal justice related competencies.

A strong background in the military and now as a service-connected disabled veteran, he pursued a path within the United States Federal sector. After leaving the military Kelvin worked as a United States Federal Agent and graduated from an academy that allowed him to work on matters to develop in-depth reports containing intelligence for highly classified and sensitive cases involving matters of national security.

His keen sensibility, individualistic leadership qualities, and humble understanding of the human psyche allowed him to progress further in life. Currently, he serves as the CEO at T.I.P.P Investigations LLC, drawing from his unique investigative methodologies to be of service to high profile assignments, law firms and companies across the nation.

This role has added leadership, project management, and managerial expertise outside military capacities. While he continues to develop these skills, additional responsibilities have allowed him to flourish as a business executive.

His long-standing career in the military in conjunction with the skills he has honed and developed in subsequent years have transformed Kelvin into an investigation-proficient leader.

Today, Kelvin continues to utilize his expertise and lead and develop rapport with individuals in the U.S and continues playing his role in bringing people justice. When he is not immersed in work or busy with his lateral Masters program, he enjoys playing football, scouting and appreciating the outdoors with his son. He is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and world travel. His love for the outdoors allowed him to garnish several achievements starting as a young baseball player to an Eagle Scout. As a young father he instills the same morals, values and work ethic to his young son. Kelvin teaches his son the same values his father and mother taught him. Kelvin Goodwin was adopted from Constanza<Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic as a child and became a United States Citizen.