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Please accept this letter of recommendation for T.I.P.P. Investigation LLC (hereinafter “T.I.P.P.”). Several months ago, I hired them to track down a witness for me in a probate litigation matter that I was involved in. Their service was outstanding. Not only did they locate this witness for me but they maintained contact with her and they assured her appearance at trial when I needed her the most. This witness was critical to the success of my case and T.I.P.P. guaranteed her appearance when my own efforts failed.


I dealt specifically with Kelvin Goodwin from their office. What impressed me most about Kelvin was that he did all of this while dealing with his own serious health concern. I did not know this until later but somehow, Kelvin was able to manage his personal situation while simultaneously assuring me that my witness would be present in court. To be clear, I would never have asked him to put my situation before one as serious as his but that’s just how he carries himself. T.I.P.P. is fortunate to have him representing them so well.


If you’re looking for a competent, responsive and diligent private investigation firm, you would be well-served by hiring T.I.P.P. Investigation LLC. I can’t recommend them more highly.

Cipparone & Zaccarro, PC, 261law.com

I’ve been practicing law in Connecticut for 18 years, and my firm specializes in civil litigation. I’ve known Kelvin Goodwin for approximately a year and a half. My firm enlisted his investigation services on at least a half a dozen occasions on matters involving initial premises liability investigations. This includes taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, obtaining insurance information, obtaining surveillance and video monitoring coverage, and speaking to clients directly. Kelvin has preformed the assignments quickly and timely. His communication has been exceptional and if he has questions about our needs/expectations on an assignment he calls us. He’s efficient and diligent about his work. He has keen investigative instincts, and anticipates what his clients’ needs are.


Should you require additional information or would like to speak further do not hesitate to call me.

Faulker & Graves, PC, faulknerandgraves.com

We recently contracted T.I.P.P Investigations to preform pre-employment screening for job candidates under consideration for positions at our veterinary clinic. As our facility stores controlled substances, it was necessary to obtain both background checks as well as drug screening results.


Our experience with T.I.P.P Investigations was exemplary. Despite a heavy workload, Kelvin Goodwin and his staff completed the necessary screening quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, their attentions to detail and follow up were greatly appreciated; one of the candidates missed an appointment at the screening completed without undue delay.


We are exceptionally pleased  with our experience with T.I.P.P Investigations, LLC and they have our strongest recommendation for persons and organization considering their services.

Northeastern Veterinary Care Center, northeasternvetcare.com

We hired TIPP Investigations to conduct an internal investigation concerning theft in our shop. Kelvin and his team of investigators came to my shop at 1230 in the morning to start an investigation when our shop was robbed and broken into. I cannot believe they actually came out in the middle of the night. Their dedication to the rule of law and understanding of quick response time was crucial in solving the crime. I have never seen a crime scene in person set up and although they are not Law enforcement, they actually worked and assisted law enforcement on this case. Kelvin and his team are all prior law enforcement and military. Their dedication, professionalism, and integrity was on full display. When they say they work 24 hours a day, they really mean it. Its nice to see a company actually do what they say they will do.  Kelvin was very compassionate, understanding, and attentive during the whole incident. To his staff and to Kelvin, thank you for a job well done

Ziberaski J P.N,

Kelvin and I first started working together about 3 years ago; we both met seeking the same opportunity – to find a business partner that could escalate our knowledge and skill-set to the next level while providing a service to the public. I noticed immediately Kelvins good nature and thoughtfulness all while him being thorough to understand what I could bring to the table as a possible business partner. As our relationship grew in getting to know each other we realized how much both of us benefited from one another but in two completely different businesses. Kelvins attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is something to be admired! As I worked with him to develop T.I.P.P. Investigation he made sure all of the boxes were checked in order for him to hit the ground running. I helped Kelvin develop his branding along with the website and any other personal documents that needed to be presentable to future clients of his; with his efficiency and my eye for design T.I.P.P. was up and running in no time. I have to say, Kelvin is one of the most communicative clients I have ever worked with and his willingness to get the job done and the job done correctly speaks volumes.


As T.I.P.P. Investigations grows, hires, blossoms, and finds new clients, Kelvin has expresses his successes and things he’s learned along the way. The best part about working with Kelvin is his thoughtfulness; he did not just end our relationship and move on with his business after branding was complete. He has referred clients to my business and has always kept me in the loop for future business opportunities. I’ve not only developed a great working relationship with Kelvin but a friendship that I know that will last for years to come.

Devin S., dekreestudio.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Kelvin Goodwin and his team at T.I.P.P Investigations LLC over the past two years. My first interaction with T.I.P.P Investigations LLC was when I met Kelvin at a Business Network International (BNI) meeting in which he always displayed a professional and welcoming demeanor. This prompted me to engage in business with T.I.P.P Investigations LLC, and my experience with this company has been nothing short of exemplary.


Kelvin and T.I.P.P Investigations LLC have an incredible work ethic that compliments their outstanding performance in their field of expertise. I have never felt more comfortable sending my clients and sensitive subject matter to his team.


I highly recommend T.I.P.P Investigations LLC as their work ethic and performance transcend expectations. They provide a premium quality service that is not easily replicated. Their character is second to none; it is always an honor to work with Kelvin and his team as they provide a genuine atmosphere throughout the process.


Please contact me with any questions regarding their outstanding services at (401)-326-4463.

Next Tech Solutions, nexttech.solutions

Our firm hired T.I.P.P Investigations to handle our employment background checks. Being FCRA compliant and having the proper security certifications was crucial for us in finding a company that can meet our needs. We worked directly with their liaison in planning, implementing, and executing our needs seamlessly. The CEO Kelvin Goodwin, was on every call we had to ensure that our needs were met. Kelvin and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and stand up to their core values that they talk about. I never once had to question their work ethic. Great job and we look forward to continued support and services. We signed a 5 year contract with this Veteran owned firm

John Paul II,