Security and Risk Mitigation for VIP and High-Net-Worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals, public figures, and VIPs may be exposed to increased personal risk because of their careers, affiliations, geography, status, or net worth. With advanced planning and strategic risk assessment, T.I.P.P. Investigations’ experienced security teams protect these high-risk individuals from financial, physical, and reputational harm.

T.I.P.P. Investigations’ executive protection and security services for high-profile individuals help prevent security issues and ensure their safety. Our trustworthy professionals specialize in helping commercial and government customers protect VIP personnel. With decades of experience, our protective security specialists are regularly recognized for their commitment to quality service and professionalism.

Executive Protection and Security Services

Our protective services for VIP, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals include:

  • High-threat protection for dignitaries
  • International travel protection for corporate executives, celebrities, and diplomats
  • Escorts
  • Protective movements and armed escorts
  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection
  • Close personal protection
  • Security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams
  • Armed vehicle transportation
  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance

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-: We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any commercial or personal situations.

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