What is the PRT team and how can we help. As states around the world suffer devastation from natural disasters to uprising in the community, we as a society must overcome these moments in time that bring such devastation. Devastation is not ambiguous to the cause or the reaction. Devastation comes in many forms. Devastation could be financial, structural, legal and more. The PRT team is a branch of T.I.P.P Investigations LLC. Our firm represents the very core of lawful and constitutional rights afforded to every American. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to survive through day to day duties, jobs, and financial wellbeing. When disaster strikes that alters that way of life, we are there to help. We are there when the hurricanes rein down on cities, states, and islands. We bring food and water to the community to help quell the disturbances. We are there when tornados rip through the valley of Kansas, we are there when the flood waters impale the already damaged economy of Louisiana, we are there when the islands of Haiti and Dominican Republic are flooded with seawater and garbage from the waste of humans thrown into the sea, and we are there when chaos and anarchy claws at the ankles of New York and Minneapolis.

Our Mission:

The mission of the PRT team which stands for Professional Response Team, is to quell disturbances both domestically and abroad from devastation. Our team stands ready to “deploy” to any region, state or community where the citizens of that community is suffering from devastation. We excel in our ability to be compassionate and understanding that resonates with those who are affected.

The Team:

The PRT team is comprised of leaders whose drive and passion for continuity and respect within the community is paramount to success. We work closely with local, state, and federal leaders to bring peace of mind to those affected by devastation.  Our team’s foundation is built on strong morals, values of respect, courage and innovative response.