Child Endangerment Investigations

While preserving families is important, the rights and welfare of children are always the top priority. Child endangerment investigations can involve representatives who may act as a liaison to the investigation. We work with these representatives, directly for the parent and/or legal guardian or on behalf of attorneys.

Our investigators work to uncover if the child has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse. We work with specialized investigators who are experts at detecting if the child has been exposed to possible risks of trafficking and other nefarious racketeering areas of concern the court needs to be aware of. These crucial factors are a way of adequately confirming the child’s best interest. T.I.P.P. Investigations is experienced in recognizing these markers of at-risk children even when competing custodial parties go to great lengths to conceal them. This is why we strongly emphasize in these cases that our investigators are not allegiant to any particular party. We are hired to put together the possible clues of neglect and/or abuse subjected to the child in question. Whether our findings help or hurt either parental party, we always report the honest facts. We pride ourselves on this standard in our testimony at court.

Child abuse can oftentimes be one of the easiest accusations to cast and one of the most difficult to disprove. A meticulous and proficient investigator is required to get to the bottom of the accusations and help to ensure that none of the hearsay nor naysay is admitted into testimony at the court proceedings. Connect with one of our experts today if you feel positive our findings will help you vindicate false accusations of neglect or abuse.

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