Discrimination Investigations

While many organizations are capable of managing discrimination at a lower level with their Human Resources Department, higher-level discrimination can be harder to investigate. Especially when the individual or individuals accused are higher up on the chain of command (CEOs, for example). Private detectives are a great resource to have if the accuser takes the discrimination complaint public, whether that’s in the workplace or the media. Our team of private investigators will help keep everything fair and objective.

We also understand how to interact with government agencies. That knowledge is helpful if the accuser makes a formal legal complaint to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a similar agency. T.I.P.P. Investigations is officially licensed to perform the job and discretely run the investigation.

We provide honest insights from other employees or friends through interviews about the state of the workplace and the problem at hand. Oftentimes, employers don’t know that an employee or manager is an issue until a complaint arises. A private investigator can establish the truth in the matter and also reveal any systemic issues present in the workplace’s culture. The civil rights act protects employees from discrimination based on age, gender, religion, etc. If you’re involved in a case of discrimination, contact us today to schedule a free consultation for investigation services.

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