Accident Reconstruction Services

Accidents happen every day, involving motor vehicles, commercial equipment or machinery, and aircraft. From manufacturing plants to roadways, they can happen anywhere at any time.

Questions typically arise in the aftermath of these accidents as to what caused the event and where the responsibility lies for the occurrence. T.I.P.P. Investigations provides clients with experienced forensic analysis professionals to examine the myriad of details to find the important factors leading to the accident and communicate to other parties, including juries, exactly what happened and why.

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Vehicle Accidents happening at high speeds and low speeds, multi-vehicle pile-ups, accidents involving cars, buses, trucks, trains, and stationary objects as well as bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing accidents can lead to extensive damage, deaths, and lost time injuries impacting operations.

Roadway Design and Construction

Roadway Design factors include ramps, entrances as well as topography and other features that are critical in the study of vehicle accidents.

DOT Compliance Issues

DOT compliance issues can be found in vehicle and workplace accidents, requiring investigation of working conditions, designs, record keeping, and compliance.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents including machinery such as cranes, earthmovers, bulldozers, and backhoes as well as equipment and machinery failures resulting in large losses.

Oilfield Accidents

Oilfield accidents and incidents include explosions, fires, blowouts, and other impacts that affect continued operations.

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